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Paul Leenards

Silo’s are doomed

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Today we had a discussion on Servicedesk and Incident Management and how we could improve the efficiency. The incident manager of our client is dealing with the internal hierarchy and has found that he has insufficient authority to escalate in case an incident has to be solved by staff from multiple departments. Both his service management system and the IT organization can not deal with this situation. A solution would be to minimize the number of solution groups and have an incident manager would has also hierarchical responsibility over the support staff (all of them). That will mean no more Server management departments, network management departments, SAP solution teams, etc. No more silo’s. In a whitepaper on the ISCO model of Gartner from some years ago they predicted the future of these silo’s: they were doomed. From Servicedesk/Support efficiency perspective I can not agree more with them.

Author: Paul Leenards

Service Management and ICT Strategy expert. 20 years of Experience in the ITSM, ITIL, COBIT, MOF, DevOps, Etc. Company website: Twitter: @pllnrds

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