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Paul Leenards

ITIL Foundation

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I’ve just experienced the beta version of the ITIL foundations with the slidedeck provided by APMG. I don’t think that the people of APMG truly understand the ITIL practice and what is important to explain to the participants.

First the text on the slides are not always very consistent with the actual books. That is not necessary bad, if it wasn’t the case that most time the text in the books are better. They should have stayed closer to the books. For instance on the objectives on Service Transition they have expanded on the objectives as mentioned in the book, making them more confusing.

Second, a lot of slides are inconsistent in itself. We’ve encoutered several different definitions for function, for instance. Some slides are only meaningless lists of roles. They will confuse the poor participants to this foundation course to the point that they will probably have given up learning anything.

Looking into the example exam-questions we’ve learned that a good reader with a knack for the English language will probably pass, where someone following the ITIL foundations course APMG style will probably not.

Piece of Advice. If you want to follow the ITIL foundations course, find a training organization that will not use the official APMG slidedeck but their own. They will still help you pass the exam, and you will actually learn something on top of it.

Author: Paul Leenards

Service Management and ICT Strategy expert. 20 years of Experience in the ITSM, ITIL, COBIT, MOF, DevOps, Etc. Company website: Twitter: @pllnrds

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