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The Rise of the Digital Risk Officer by Heather Levy

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Published in the Service Management Paper of May 28th, 2015

As companies integrate digital technologies into more business processes, they will accrue benefits like agility, competitiveness, reaction time and reach. They will also expose themselves to greater security threats related to digital business innovation. These threats will require a more sophisticated response and a greatly expanded portfolio beyond traditional risk and security roles today.

They will need a digital risk officer (DRO).

Perhaps the biggest challenge for leadership is to change the common mindset that digital technology — and, therefore, technology-related risk — is a technical problem, handled by technical people, buried in IT. The leadership needs to move the DRO role out of IT and into the heart of the enterprise ecosystem. The DROs, for their part, need to create superior working relationships so they can contribute to executive policy.

— The remainder of this article can be found here

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