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Best Practices for Managing Change So It Works—Without Losing Your Cool by Simone Jo Moore

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Published in the Service Management Paper of May 31th, 2015

You’ve heard it said that “change is the only constant,” but, in my experience, the failure rate of change comes awfully close! The research figure of 70 percent failure in ITSM change management initiatives hasn’t improved over the last few years. Why? A core reason, typically, is the insufficient focus on the activities and practices that need to be carried out to embed change within the organization’s culture.

Why Change Is So Hard

We often underestimate the people-related risks to change. The beast we call an “organization” is made up of the attitudes, beliefs, and culture of the individual, multiplied by the teams, and then multiplied again with the departments, business units, and so on. Change brings uncertainty, ambiguity, confusion, anger, and resentment. All too often, leadership lacks the tools to manage through all of that and, as a result, this intangible aspect turns out to be the greatest challenge.

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