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IT Governance at DevOps Speed: Time to Shift Gears

Technology plays an incredibly important role in the idea economy, where business innovation is dependent on the software that powers the business. Speed and agility in IT are key to a competitive advantage in this modern economy, in which small startups with disruptive ideas are competing with well-established enterprises and industries. Consider how Uber and …

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CIOs start to view ‘shadow IT’ as a catalyst for innovation 

Attitudes to unauthorized software and services are changing, with IT heads now seeing the use of ‘citizen tech’ as a way to creatively explore opportunities and rapidly solve problems.

Source: CIOs start to view ‘shadow IT’ as a catalyst for innovation – I-CIO | I-CIO

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The IT Industry’s 95% Problem

I just had a chance to read Chris O’Brien’s informative piece on VentureBeat titled “Evernote’s 5% problem offers a cautionary lesson to tech companies”. The article examines how Evernote ended up with a product that has too many features. Based on an interview with former Evernote CEO Phil Libin, he was quoted as saying: “What …

Source: The IT Industry’s 95% Problem – Brian Prentice

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How DevOps Helps Improve Application Security 

The DevOps trend is gathering pace, evolving from a niche to a mainstream strategy. Organizations are overcoming the barriers to successful implementation and finding real benefits in terms of speed and efficiency. But there are lingering issues to solve with regard to security. As companies look to push more changes to production more quickly, risks …

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