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Thoughts on how to design and implement IT Service Management

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What does IT Value Look Like?

If we don’t know, then how can we deliver it? Question: Why do we struggle so much in understanding and demonstrating VALUE with IT?  Notice I did not say WITHIN IT. This is not simply an IT issue. It crosses the CHASM that is held in place by both Business & IT.

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SMA Business Relationship Management is NOT about services

If you want to be a strategic partner, your Business Relationship Management capability must be able to stay focused on value, NOT on services.

Source: SMA Business Relationship Management is NOT about services

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IT Governance at DevOps Speed: Time to Shift Gears

Technology plays an incredibly important role in the idea economy, where business innovation is dependent on the software that powers the business. Speed and agility in IT are key to a competitive advantage in this modern economy, in which small startups with disruptive ideas are competing with well-established enterprises and industries. Consider how Uber and …

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