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IT Governance at DevOps Speed: Time to Shift Gears

Technology plays an incredibly important role in the idea economy, where business innovation is dependent on the software that powers the business. Speed and agility in IT are key to a competitive advantage in this modern economy, in which small startups with disruptive ideas are competing with well-established enterprises and industries. Consider how Uber and …

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3 Things You Must Consider When Automating Your Service Desk

Many organizations already know the benefits of service desk automation – cost savings, improved efficiency and throughput, and increased customer satisfaction are all well documented outcomes of taking the time to automate. If your organization is considering an automation initiative, be sure to honestly assess these three areas before you start. IT Tooling Although not …

Source: 3 Things You Must Consider When Automating Your Service Desk – BMC Blogs

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Why are changes to IT so slow? 

The description of change in ITIL does not include fast. It talks about cost-effective and minimum risk, which both implies a bit of slowness. So one of the questions the business have to answer is their prioritization. Fast, with a higher risk or slower with a less risk. If you want both, you need probably need to do major changes to your IT infrastructure, neither cheap or risk free.

Source: Why are changes to IT so slow? — Disruptive architecture