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BMC eBook: Peer Into the Bright Future on the Service Desk Horizon

In the new eBook by BMC. “Into the Bright Future on the Service Desk Horizon” several experts on Service Management were asked to give their opinion on the future of service desks. And I am one of them. For me the traditional service desk that would mostly offer some kind of technical support (and most times in the form of ctrl-alt-delete, rebooting the system) will eventually disappear. For most organizations the technical kind of service desk will no longer be relevant. A service desk that understands the business impact of technology and who is able to help employees getting more out of technology, that is what we need.

This my quote in the e-book:

‘‘ What role can knowledge centers play in a modern service desk operation?
In the past, the main focus of the service desk was on offering technical expertise to solve technical problems. The technical aspects of modern IT solutions are disappearing under the hood and most technical skills are no longer needed in the day to day operations of many companies. At the same time service desks will have to support really complicated technical challenges that will have direct business impact. And when the need for day-to-day technical support disappears, the need for understanding the link between technology and business impact will become more important. Knowledge centers who understand how business challenges are supported by the underlying technical solutions will play an important part in this transformation. The point is, businesses are evolving, and ITSM must be an integral player in making employees more productive and happy as businesses change.”

You can find the eBook  here.

There is also a Slideshare presentation with the input of the Service Management Experts, like Stuart Rance, Earl Begley, Claire Agutter, Stephen Mann and John Custy.


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9 Foolproof IT Service Desk Tips – Part 2

In my last blog I gave you five tips that will help to make your IT service desk better, particularly in improving your customer’s experience with IT. Those tips ranged from how to make it easier for customers to contact the service desk, to the importance of writing good call notes.

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5 Common Service Desk Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

People like to talk and write about the future of IT service management (ITSM). It might be because it seems cooler than the ITSM status quo. It might also be because people don’t want to retread over the same ground gain – after all, blogging has been around since the start of the millennium.

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3 Things You Must Consider When Automating Your Service Desk

Many organizations already know the benefits of service desk automation – cost savings, improved efficiency and throughput, and increased customer satisfaction are all well documented outcomes of taking the time to automate. If your organization is considering an automation initiative, be sure to honestly assess these three areas before you start. IT Tooling Although not …

Source: 3 Things You Must Consider When Automating Your Service Desk – BMC Blogs

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How to transform your service desk with Knowledge Centered Support

The Digital Revolution is creating huge opportunities for innovation and productivity in the workplace.  However, this brings significant challenges to enterprise support functions. The scope of technical support is widening as technology moves from the back-office to the front-line. As a result, support organizations are expected to provide support for an ever-wider range of technology, …

Source: How to transform your service desk with Knowledge Centered Support – BMC Blogs