Idwell on Service Management

Thoughts on how to design and implement IT Service Management

Idwell on IT Service Management

For many years now I have been involved in the IT Service Management industry. At the end of the 1990’s I got involved in my first ITIL implementation and I saw first hand the birth and death of another CMDB. In 2001 I’ve got my certification as an ITIL Service Manager. And that same year I became a trainer in the Service Support and Service Delivery training programs of PinkElephant in The Netherlands. In the past 15 years I’ve been involved in many initiatives, projects and discussions on the subject of Service Management. I was as portfoliomanager at Getronics PinkRoccadee responsible for the ITIL v3 introduction and as board member of ITSMF Netherlands trying to broaden the discussion beyond frameworks and methods.

Some years ago I’ve started a daily Service Management paper using the service. With this service specific twitter accounts are followed and it makes a digest of specific messages. I do not have a lot of control over what it picks up. In the past it was also showing stuff that was not at all related to the subject. Over time that has improved and the quality has gone up a lot since.

As with all newspapers some of the articles are worth keeping and rereading, while others can be skipped easily. That is the idea behind this website: to keep an archive of what I think are interesting articles. Sometimes I will add an article I found interesting and that has not been curated through the engine as well. And sometimes I might add some of my own insights.

The articles I’ve curated here are categorized:

  • Service Management Daily: articles and blogs that were found by the service and are archived here. The most common subjects, like ITIL and DevOps, can be found through clicking on the menu item.
  • Digital Strategy: Everything that relates to the business view and choices on how technology can improve or innovate
  • IT Governance: From the business perspective designing and organizing IT
  • IT Management: From the IT perspective managing IT services and systems